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Thanks for stopping by my site dedicated to the Physical Culture style strongmen of yesterday and today. I want to let you know that, first and foremost, I am an Atlas Man®. I use the Liederman course along with weights and a few other exercise programs as a supplement/enhancement to my original Charles Atlas® training. The Liederman course on this site is mostly complete, but in my personal opinion, it doesn't compare to the wealth of information, and well rounded program contained in the 12 week Atlas® regimen. If you cannot afford the full Atlas® course, try the mini-course offered on their site. If you don't want to try either though, this is a great place to start. Besides the Earle E. Liederman course, I also offer a Link Page to some of the best natural bodybuilding sites* on the internet. Please sign my guestbook so that I can get to know you better, and so that I can use your comments to make this site better.

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Tim Goshinski

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Fitness Quest Chest Expander

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* Note: As a firm believer in "Natural Bodybuilding", I do not personally, nor on my site, promote the use of steroids, growth hormones, or any other dangerous substance. If I link to an article on a site that does, it is because I believe in the validity of the particular article, not the general mores of the site in question. Regardless of what you've been told by anyone, steroids are just a shortcut, to unnatural gains and an early death (Arnold's had 5 bypasses and Lyle Alzado's dead from a brain tumor!).