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Earl E. Liederman

America's Leading Director of Physical Education

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Fourth Week

I am sending you this week two exercises which I want you to put into your drill, for these two resistance movements are excellent for bringing out your muscles more clearly. There are none that you should drop for these, for they use the muscles in a different way than you have ever used them before. You will find you will make rapid increases by performing these movements with plenty of vigor.

EXERCISE #18 - Squat down as shown in photo #15. Place hands on inside of knees and then pull the knees apart, resisting strongly with the legs until your legs are spread wide apart. Bring knees close together again and repeat. Do this about 15 times. This movement will develop your shoulders and back, and the continual squatting will round out your knees and make the muscles more shapely. To vary this exercise place hands on the outside of knees and push the knees together from a spread position. By doing the exercise this way, you will develop your pectoral or chest muscles, as well as the outside of the thighs. 15 times.

EXERCISE #19 - Clasp hands or else grip them together as shown in photo #14. Keep them level with chest then push one hand with the other back and forth across your chest just as far as you can each time. The harder you resist in this exercise, the more benefit you will get out of it. This exercise will outline your pectoral muscles hotter than any other movement, as it hits them direct. Do this about 10 to 15 times.

EXERCISE #20 - Clasp hands, or interlace the fingers behind your back, and keep arms still. Then pull or bring your shoulders as far backwards as you can. In other words, try to make yourself as straight as possible. I give you this because in the two above exercises you are sort of bent over while working, and this will offset that. This is a good exercise to do every time you think of it throughout the day, for it will cure any tendency towards round shoulders and give you a military posture.

I presume you would like to try out your present strength, and also be able to accomplish something which others will not be able to do, and if such is the case, try the following little stunt. You may not be able to do it the first few attempts, but practice it and you will get it down to perfection.

Grasp the corner of DOUBLE SHEET of newspaper and hold it in one hand at arms length in front of you. Then without touching it with other hand, or with any part of your body, roll it up or squash it any old way, until it is a small ball and is completely covered by the hand. Try the same with other hand. This you will find a splendid exercise for the forearm, as it will tire nearly every muscle thoroughly. Use a fresh piece of paper each time. After you get this stunt down fine, spring it on your friends, for it is surprising to learn how few can accomplish this the first few attempts.

Allow me to offer you a few more suggestions about your personality. You can easily see how anxious I am about your welfare and appearance. You must always present yourself looking your best, for you know, you are judged by your appearance. Whenever you think of it, make it a point to walk, sit and stand erect. Hold your abdomen well in, have your chest high and do not be afraid to hold your chin up. I do not mean that you should exaggerate this by throwing your chest out as much as possible, or throwing your shoulders back so that it is noticeable, but simply acquire a military attitude and feel as though you are stronger physically than the person you are talking to. You must never permit yourself to be seen, if you can possibly help it, when you do not look your best.

Personality is everything, and you will be surprised what a strong impression you will create if you look well and have a forcible commanding personality. Every time you are conscious of your strength, you are benefiting your muscles a great deal more than you imagine. Your muscles will develop to a certain extent simply by thinking Strength and Development.

It is a proven fact that constant association with anyone physically superior to yourself will make you stronger, even though you take no exercise at all. This shows the influence the mind has over the body. Perhaps you are not fortunate enough to have someone with you always who is physically superior to you. The next best thing for you is to constantly study photographs of well developed strong men. This will act as a stimulant, and produce almost the same result. Do not neglect your training however, for simply thinking will not develop you to your limit but proper thinking with the proper work, such as I am giving you, will surely make a real strong man of you. Just wait and see.

Next week I am going after your arms, and will give you some heavy muscle building exercises for them.

Don’t neglect that deep breathing after your drill.

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