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Earl E. Liederman

America's Leading Director of Physical Education

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Third Week

This week I am going after your neck, and if you will faithfully perform the work as I have outlined it for you in this lesson, you should not have the least bit of trouble in gaining an inch or more around your neck during the next month or so. I know you will be more encouraged when you have to get larger shirts and collars. The neck responds very quickly to proper exercise, such as I am giving you this week, as you will soon see for yourself.

Take it exceedingly easy with these heavy neck exercises for the first day or two, or you will become the owner of a fine stiff neck, but after that pitch in and put plenty of steady resistance into each count. DO NOT FORCE THE NECK MUSCLES, and just as soon as you feel slightly tired in the part used, stop. Neither should you do any of the movements jerky, for if you do, you may strain your ligaments which would annoy you for several days afterwards. Just resist steadily and think about what you are doing, that’s all.

I do not want you to drop any of the work I have given you, except as mentioned in my letter last week, for I know this week’s work will not take up-very much more of your time or energy. Do not even drop the lighter neck work which I gave you in your first lesson, unless you really are rushed for time. In that case, drop all the lighter neck movements and do this week’s exercises in their place, but if you are not rushed for time any day, take my advice and do all the neck work, for the light work combined with the heavy work, will be very beneficial for you.

I might tell you right here, that these same neck exercises which I am giving you, developed my own neck from 13 1/2 inches to 17 inches when I measure around the neck today, and they will positively do the same for you if you will follow them daily and work faithfully. In my opinion, nothing looks more pleasing to the eye than a well developed neck, especially when the owner is dressed of course, when in athletic or bathing costume, there may be other muscles that attract the eye more, but if you want to look strong and husky, pay a lot of attention to your neck.

I also suggest that you buy shirts and collars very sparingly from now on, for you will find that you will have to change sizes very often. Don't allow your collars to become too tight for this will hinder your progress a little. Just have them fit comfortably.

If you should ever get a kink in your neck, or if it should become sore or lame, bathe it with hot water, or rub the lame part with some mild, liniment.

EXERCISE #14 - Clasp hands behind head and pull the head as far forward as you can, and resist strongly with the head, as shown in photo #17. The harder you resist, the more benefit you will get out of this exercise. 15 to 25 times.

EXERCISE #15 - Place right hand on right side of head and push the head as far as you can to the left, illustrated by photo #18. Resist strongly with the head. Do the same with the left hand on the left side of the head. 15 to 25 times each side.

EXERCISE #16 - Place hand on chin and push the head backwards, and at the same time resisting strongly with the head, as shown in photo #20. 15 times.

EXERCISE #17 - Sit on a chair and clasp hands behind head as in exercise #14. Then pull the head downwards, bending the back with it, until your head is between your knees. This is a hard one, and works different muscles than the other exercises above, and it also places a strain down the entire back. This exercise will benefit your nervous system. Resist strongly throughout this exercise. No illustration is needed. 10 times only.

You will notice that I give you a greater number of counts in the neck work than I do in the other work. This is because you should not put quite as much force or concentration in these neck movements as in your other muscles, for the muscles of the neck cannot stand as much strain. I want to play safe with you and make sure that you don’t get a strain, for a neck strain is very annoying.

You will find that your manner of sizing people up will change from now on. Instead of glancing at a person’s face or shoulders, as you may have done when you met him, you will glance at his neck, for the neck betrays the athlete. When you see a wide, straight neck on a person you will know that invariably he has a good development beneath it. An athlete may hide his muscles under clothing, but he cannot hide his neck very well, and how much better does it look to gaze upon a well shaped neck that fills the collar than to see cords hideously showing themselves. As you strengthen the neck muscles you also help your thinking power for you give your brain a better supply of blood.

A well shaped neck will also give you a much stronger personality and after all, a strong personality and a good appearance are what helps one to become successful both in the business and social world. People will judge you and like you for your appearance, and surely everyone desires to be liked. I know I do, and I am sure you do also.

If you will measure your neck before and after doing the above exercises, you will notice a little difference in size. Measure your arms and chest while you are about it and see if you can’t notice a slight gain.

In the work I gave you last week with the progressive exerciser, try and increase the counts a bit if you can. Don’t add another cable as yet, but try and do each exercise with the exerciser one or two counts more.

I hope you are progressing nicely with the other work.

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