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Earl E. Liederman

America's Leading Director of Physical Education

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Ninth Week

I am giving you two exercises for your abdomen. The first one is a standard exercise and I am sure you will find it exceedingly beneficial. It will remove all superfluous flesh if you have any around your abdomen as well as around your hips.

Lie flat on the floor on your back. Then sit up and touch your toes with your hands. Then lie down again and repeat.

If you have any difficulty in sitting up, on account of your feet rising off the floor, simply place your feet under some object to hold them down. You can also vary this exercise by sitting on a chair placed about two feet from the bed, and with your feet under the bed, lean backwards until your head touches the floor. Then sit up again. You may find this latter change a bit harder than the first. After you have done this exercise for a week or so place your hands overhead with your arms stiff and then sit up and lie back, for this will make it much harder. Then to progress still further, you can pick up objects, such as books, flatirons, etc. You will find in picking up a small weight, while bending backwards over a chair, and then coming to a sitting posture and keeping the arms stiff overhead all the while, that you are performing quite a stunt. The reason I tell you these things is that you must progress as you get stronger. If you do not work a trifle harder each week, you will simply be at a standstill. Of course, you will not mind the harder work, for you will be much stronger each week and you will find the harder work will be easier for you than the work you are now doing. But if you simply did the same thing with out progressing, day after day, the efforts would soon be so easy for you, that you would be doing every movement mechanically.

Next I want you to lie on your STOMACH on the floor and. place your hands behind your back about over your hips. Then raise your feet, keeping the legs STRAIGHT, and also raise your head and chest all you can at the same time. The only part of your body that should now touch the floor will be your front from the middle of your chest to about the middle of your thigh. This exercise is quite a difficult one to do, but it’s a fine one for your back. After you have done this exercise for a few weeks, you will have a very strong back, especially around the lower part.

You should pay a lot of attention to your lower back, for most of your energy lies there. When the small of your back is weak, you are practically weak all over. Strengthen your lower back and you will always feel vigorous and energetic.

Perhaps it would be better for you to go at this week’s work very slowly for the first few days, for if you strain your muscles by working them too energetically, it would only set you back several weeks. However, I don’t think you need fear performing each count vigorously after you have been doing these two exercises for two or three days. I also suggest you perform both these exercises at one time. That is, after you become tired doing one, roll over and do the other. Of course, this makes no difference, for I simply tell you from personal experience, but if you prefer to change the routine, by all means do so, for as I believe I told you previously, it makes no difference in what order you perform the work.

I did not think it necessary to illustrate the two exercises this week, for I am sure you will not have any difficulty in understanding them.

Wishing you the best of success, I am
Yours for results,

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